For the children…for the youth…for all of us. Compassion comes to life when we seek to grow it in our relationships and in our community. Compassion is the antidote for fear and for anger and for hate.

Compassion Elk Grove is a new effort to support and enhance what is already alive within our community. We seek to support and enhance compassionate living in our community. In our conversations, in our relationships, in our planning, we support growing this community together compassionately.

This blog will become a place for stories of compassion, a place for inspiration and resources, a place to connect and to support our work together to make Elk Grove a city and region which expresses compassion in our care and support of all of us. Elk Grove is a planetary city with persons from all over the world seeking a healthy and safe life for our families and our neighbors.

Join us in growing this effort. Join us in affirming and raising compassion in Elk Grove.

The first of many,

Bill, Greg, and Paul