Elk Grove: A City of Compassion

Brenda Kress

As a member of the Compassion Elk Grove (CEG) board, I was standing up front before the Elk Grove City Council Members last night with my hardworking colleagues, listening as each spoke about how Elk Grove is a compassionate city and why it should now declare it formally through a Resolution, when I was struck by the city emblem behind the council members.  It read: Elk Grove, incorporated July 1, 2000.

The City Council unanimously ratified a Resolution declaring Elk Grove a city of compassion in the year of its 20th anniversary and in the year 2020.  How awesome is that!

Compassion Elk Grove (www.compassionelkgrove.org) is comprised of a group of citizens who love this city and wanted to know how we could ensure our people thrive and have the support that is needed.  We began the process of developing this program through conversations with people asking this question:  What does a compassionate Elk Grove look like to you?

As stated on our website, compassion is love for Earth and its people, put into action.  Or, in this case, the love of Earth and the citizens of Elk Grove, put into action.

The action will come as each program in our city is looked at through the lens of compassion and we ask ourselves: Is this healthy for our citizens?  Is this helpful or hurtful?  Are our citizens thriving and if not, what is needed? 

What’s next?  One program that the City will immediately implement is the Compassion Awards.  People, companies and organizations could be nominated for this Award and then recognized at a subsequent City Council Meeting.  Members of CEG would be responsible for interviewing candidates and then making the recommendation to the City.  We will share with you the link for applying as soon as it is up on the city website.

There are other ideas being developed and will roll out during this year.  Yet, what’s really needed is you. All citizens of Elk Grove will be the ones that really declare this a City of Compassion through our actions and interactions with others.

What does a compassionate Elk Grove look like to you?  Email us at info@compassionelkgrove.org or follow us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/compassionelkgrove  As we move further into the year, check back to see what activities are being planned and how you can be involved.

Compassion is a group activity:

You give, I receive.  I give, you receive.  It’s good for everyone!