Welcome to Compassion Elk Grove

Compassion means caring and concern for other people, especially those in need or distress.

Compassion is the expression of who we all are as human beings in our hearts. When fully mature, compassion extends beyond family and friends and beyond ethnicity and nationality to include everyone. A community of people who practice compassion is healthier, happier, more economically stable, and more gentle to the Earth.

There are many compassionate people, and organizations which promote compassion, in the greater Elk Grove region. In support of these many other efforts, Compassion Elk Grove seeks to promote the spreading of compassion throughout our community.

We are a new organization, and we are beginning to develop our vision by:

  • inviting everyone who shares a vision for becoming an increasingly compassionate community to join with us by using this website resource and working toward making Elk Grove a compassionate community.

  • providing links to online websites and providers to support persons and groups seeking compassion building programs and resources.

  • providing local stories that celebrate acts of compassion and support children, youth, and adults in growing compassion in Elk Grove. Encouraging “Positive Gossip” and “Paying It Forward”.

  • collecting stories of vision: “What is your dream for Elk Grove? How can we grow together?”

  • identifying factors in the community which inhibit or reduce compassion, seeking to transform them.