Charter for Compassion

Compassion. It’s Good for Everyone.

Compassion is love for Earth and its people, put into action. Experience and modern research demonstrate that it is beneficial for everyone. A growing number of cities in the U.S. and abroad have declared themselves compassionate cities and installed compassion as one important lens through which they view their governance responsibilities, set their priorities, and evaluate the results of their actions. We suggest that Elk Grove become a compassionate city.

Update: On January 8, 2020, the Elk Grove City Council adopted a charter for compassion based on the proposal below. We applaud the City Council and celebrate this important resolution. The resolution (2020-012) can be viewed here.

Elk Grove’s Charter for Compassion: A Proposal


Through this Elk Grove Charter for Compassion we, the City and the community in all its diversity, commit to active caring and concern for all people, especially those in need or distress. A compassionate city dedicates itself to common efforts serving human needs and the natural environment on which everyone ultimately depends. With a compassionate vision, we will expand collaboration and opportunity for all to flourish in health and dignity.

Human Flourishing

As a compassionate city, understanding that all are connected and affect each other’s well-being, we seek for all to thrive. We will carefully observe how well our community’s basic needs are met. Selflessly working together we will find solutions to unmet needs so that all may live up to their potential and flourish. We seek to live well: healthy and strong, rich in culture, cultivating relationships to promote the well-being of both individuals and communities.

Community Building

As a compassionate city, we will weave together a thicker fabric of community with an expanded sense of belonging to and with each other.

Tending to the Future

As a compassionate Elk Grove, we will be responsible to current and future generations, meeting the needs and aspirations of present community members while preserving natural resources for those to come. A published sustainability plan will be periodically reviewed and updated through public participation. All children will receive instruction in sustainability and community principles, to encourage life-long engagement. As the primary stakeholders in the future, young persons will participate in the discussion and creation of actions leading to solutions.

As a compassionate city, we will reach beyond what is comfortable to extend compassion with courage, purpose and practice. We will care about all people and the world.

PDF Download of Proposed Elk Grove Charter for Compassion

Frequently Asked Questions

How would the adoption of the charter impact the city?

  • We would track and promote human well-being and environmental sustainability.

How will the charter help us?

  • Reminds us to be more compassionate.
  • Builds on efforts already in action.
  • Helps all of our citizens flourish!
  • Reminds us to attend to those most in need. For example; those who are homeless, disabled, of different race, religion or hold beliefs different from our own, etc.
  • Encourages living sustainably.

What does this Charter move us toward?

  • Using the lens of compassion in our interactions, decisions, programs, and budgets.
  • Focusing attention on the well-being of people and the environment.